Exciting things about Web Design

Man-Standing-Among-tall-Trees-in-Washington-by-Michael-Matti (1)As I’m being thrown into the new and exciting world of web design, I’ve come to learn a few things; the good, the bad, and the ugly. This course gives me the opportunity to flexibly use my artistic ability and computer skills correspondingly.

In the World Wide of Web Design the possibilities are endless; as is the competition. If you have means to start your own independent business building websites for others like me, you gotta sell yourself! Find your own signature trade, something that you can offer to your client that no other Web Designer can.

In my case, artistic ability is what I can offer. I can pick out the perfect color scheme to make your website pop. I don’t know about you; but when I see those primaries on a crisp LED image it really attracts the eye and makes me giddy. Colors have a lot to do with emotion and how they’re presented can definitely interpret the display a website gives off.

Another exciting thing in Web Design is the competition. While other’s might be worried or think this is quite a downslide to the profession I see it as a way to spark ambition and motivation to continue striving. If I slow down or give up once, that gives the person behind me a chance to catch up or pass ahead.

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